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Exposing MiroTalk SFU with Ngrok


To make MiroTalk accessible from outside your local PC via HTTPS using Ngrok, follow these steps:

Step 1: Configure Ngrok and IP Address

Open the app/src/config.js file and update the following settings:

ngrokAuthToken: 'YourNgrokAuthToken', // Paste your Ngrok Auth Token here

announcedAddress: 'Your-Public-Static-IPv4-here', // Obtain from []( Leave empty ('') for auto-detection.

Step 2: Router Port Forwarding

Configure port forwarding on your router as follows:

Name Protocol Port Wan Port Lan IP Destination
MiroTalkSfu TCP/UDP 40000:40100 40000:40100 Your Local IPv4
MiroTalkSfu TCP 3010 3010 Your Local IPv4

Ensure that your firewall is not blocking the range of RTC ports with the range 40000:40100.

Step 3: Run MiroTalk

Start MiroTalk with npm start. You will see a line in the console log similar to this:

server_tunnel: ''

Step 4: Access MiroTalk

Open the provided URL in your web browser. Now, you can join a room, share the link with others, and wait for participants to join.