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Joining Room Options


Description: This URL allows you to directly enter a room named test. You can specify your username using the name parameter. Additionally, you have the option to control your audio, video, screen sharing, hide myself, and welcome message preferences through the audio, video, screen, hide, and notify parameters.


Params Type Description
room string This parameter represents the unique identifier or ID of the room you want to join
name string This parameter represents your username or unique identifier, allowing you to define your identity within the room
audio boolean Use this parameter to control your audio stream. Set to 0 for no audio or 1 to enable audio
video boolean Control your video stream using this parameter. Set to 0 for no video or 1 to enable video
screen boolean To control screen sharing, use this parameter. Set to 0 for no screen sharing or 1 to enable screen sharing
hide boolean Determines whether to hide the user from the room view. Set to 0 to not hide or 1 to hide
notify boolean You can specify whether or not to display a welcome message upon joining the room by setting this parameter to 0 (disable) or 1 (enable)
token string Represents the token for the user. Optional if HOST_PROTECTED or HOST_USER_AUTH is set to true in the .env file

By utilizing these URLs and parameters, you can seamlessly customize your room entry experience, including your identity, audio and video preferences, screen sharing options, hide myself, and welcome messages on the respective platforms.