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Joining Room Options


Description: Users opting for this method can directly access the platform's homepage, where they have the flexibility to both define the desired room and set their username. This approach provides full control over room selection and personal identification.


Description: For those who wish to maintain a consistent username but choose the room dynamically, this URL format allows users to specify their preferred username while including a room parameter. By simply altering the room parameter in the URL, users can seamlessly access different rooms without changing their username.


Description: The direct join option offers immediate access to a specific room with the desired room name and username preconfigured. Users who have a particular room and username in mind can utilize this URL to expedite their entry into the virtual environment, streamlining the joining process.

Customization Options

It's important to note that users have the option to customize the values of ROOM-NAME and USER-NAME within the URLs to align with their preferences. This customization feature empowers them to participate in specific rooms with personally selected names, as they can readily replace these placeholders.